Spex Adjustable Lateral Head Support

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HomeProductsWheelchair SeatingSpex Adjustable Lateral Head Support
  • Laterals mounted in upper position
  • Laterals mounted in lower position
  • Be creative! Shown with Spex curved lateral pad on RHS

Spex Adjustable Lateral Head Support

Spex™ Multi-Adjustable Head Support

Superior lateral system with individualised 'tuning' to suit any need. The Lateral supports have step-less angle adjustment in width, depth verticle up/down and horizontal angle fine tuning. The lateral pads can be installed either at the top of the head or at the bottom depending on the support that is required.

An upgrade to swing-away laterals is available to enable easier transfers if necessary.

For even more support, you can install our Spex thoracic lateral pads onto the head pad to create an enhanced level of support required (Tip: the Spex curved pads work really well).

Two Mechanism options:

Standard multi-adjustable mechanism
Reach multi-adjustable mechanism (for more forward positioning)

Spex™ Head Support Advantage:

Softly padded foam inner head support, with supple upholstery covers
Powerful clamp mechanism allows super-quick release and prevents lateral movement
Extra strong and non-wobbly. Ball linkages secure with hex-head bolts which can be tightened fast.
No protruding bar at rear.
Exceptional carer-friendly design doesn’t harm anyone pushing the wheelchair.
Goose-necked stem permits additional fine-tuning, forward and rearward.


Age Group: 
Size Width Height Complete Pad Only
Small 200mm 160mm 1270-4141-000 1271-4341-300
Large 240mm 200mm 1270-4142-000 1271-4342-300
Custom rear pad     1270-4148-300 1271-4329-300
Custom wing pads     1270-4149-300 1271-4349-300