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Jenx Prone Stander

Upright/Prone Standing System

Dedicated to assisted prone standing with the child supported at the front, the Jenx Prone Stander offers a continuous range of angles so the optimum position for each child can be achieved.

The standard package includes: 

  • Hip and chest pads
  • Knee blocks
  • Sandals
  • Tray with bowl

Prone Stander aims to make standing enjoyable and practical for your child, and simple for you to achieve. Individual support pads can be adjusted in relation to each other to ensure every child can be properly supported. Children with longer bodies and shorter legs can be just as comfortable as those with shorter bodies and longer legs, because the Prone Stander is adjustable to create the correct posture for every child.

Sturdy hip and chest straps are closed in the centre and then adjusted by pulling from either side to encourage symmetry. Once the straps are secured, the integral safety strap is fastened to further ensure the correct postural support.  It is important always to use the safety strap and to fasten it as far as possible to maximise its usefulness.



  • Jenx Prone Stander Chest Wedge

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    Jenx Prone Stander Chest Wedge

    Chest Extension Wedge fills gaps in chest area if a child is slightly too small for the frame. 

    5080-2931-000, 5080-2932-000
  • Jenx Prone Stander/Multistander/Supine Stander Tray Elbow Blocks

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    Jenx Prone Stander/Multistander/Supine Stander Tray Elbow Blocks

    Encourages arms into a midline position and/or blocks excessive retraction.

    Made from gray polyurethane foam and come as a pair. Compatible with all size frames for the Prone Stander, Supine Stander, and Multistander.

  • Jenx Sandals

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    Jenx Sandals

    Available in 4 different sizes to accommodate and size of foot, even when wearing splints, Jenx sandals are interchangeable across the entire range of Jenx seating and standing products. 

    • Straps open from the back facilitating easy stand transfers into prone standing.
    • Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.
    • Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
    • The new quick touch Velcro straps are faster, quieter and hold better than ever before.

    5356-6081-000, 5356-6082-000, 5356-6083-000, 5356-6084-000
  • Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

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    Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

    Available for every size of Jenx sandals the raising block kits* give the sandals that extra bit of height where needed! Use 1 set to accommodate for leg length discrepancy or use 2 sets to raise the height of the footplate on any product to maximise the available growth.
    Measurements (mm/inches):

    Number of risers Height
    1 0.7" (18 mm)
    2 1.3" (33 mm)
    3 2" (51 mm)
    4 4" (69 mm)

    *NB. One kit needed per individual sandal.

    Size Code
    Size 1 5356-6091-000
    Size 2 5356-6092-000
    Size 3 5356-6093-000


    Size 1: 5356-6091-000, Size 2: 5356-6092-000, Size 3: 5356-6093-000
  • Jenx Prone Stander/Multistander Knee Blocks

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    Jenx Prone Stander/Multistander Knee Blocks

    Innovative and flexible PU knee cups available in two sizes. Complete with padded knee straps, and are adjustable for height, width, angle and depth. 

    Size 1 Size 2
    5356-1751- 5356-1752-
    For Size 1 frame For Size 2 frame



    Blue Lime Black Grey
    -066 -054 -000 -011


    Size 1: 5356-1751, Size 2: 5356-1752
  • Jenx Prone Stander Tray

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    Jenx Prone Stander Tray


Age Group: 
Size 1 2
Code 5080-0011-000 5080-0021-000
Age Range 3-7 years 6-14 years
Max User Weight 55 kg 70 kg
Base Size 90 x 65 cm 65 x 99.5 cm
Chest Width 19-29 cm 23-35 cm
Hip Width 19-29 cm 23-35 cm
Hip Pad Height 41-75 cm 48-96 cm
Chest Height from Footplate 66-100 cm 82-127 cm
Tilt-in-Space 0-40° 0-40°



Can I adjust the angle of the Prone Stander with the child in the frame?

Yes. The robust winder mechanism makes adjusting the angle simple and safe. This can aid with transfers and aids fatigue management for the child using the stander by placing them in a more passive position for rest.


Dayton's Story

Child's name: Dayton

Child’s condition: Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, severe sight impairment

Product: Jenx Prone Stander

Centre attended: Hadrian Special needs School

Therapist: G Baird (Physiotherapy)

Background: Dayton is seven and a half years old. He has contractures causing a loss of range of motion in his knees and ankles and has tight hamstrings and gastronemius muscles, the main muscle in the calf. He also has femoral anteversion bilaterally, affecting him on both sides, which is a condition in which the femoral neck leans further forward than the rest of the femur, causing the lower extremity on the affected side to rotate internally, for example, the knee and foot twisting towards the midline of the body. He has no hip subluxation, meaning there is no partial dislocation in his hips. He has mild scoliosis to the right of his body, but it is correctable. His Gross Motor Function Measure, a way to measure change in motor function in Cerebral Palsy sufferers, is measuring at level four.

Description of product trialled: The equipment Dayton has at the moment includes rigid AFO’s, a mechanism to maintain the range of movement he currently has, a corner seat with leg gaiters, a chair for use in school and a standing frame. He also wears a helmet while at school. Dayton is trialling the Jenx Prone Stander, he was already using a standing frame, but requires a frame that allowed for his contractures better, whilst simultaneously giving hip and trunk support to correct the scoliosis that is developing.

General Benefits: As Dayton is a non-walker, the regular standing provided with the prone stander has had huge benefits for him. These include the weight bearing activity, which increases his bone density and improves circulation. There is prolonged stretching on the muscles which will prevent his contractures from getting worse and it will improve digestion, bladder and bowel function.

Emotional Benefits: He is happy being in the standing frame, it helps to aid better interaction with his peers as he can stay eye level with them when they are standing. The tray and bowl attachments of the stander have huge multi-sensory benefits because of the input he can have, and enjoyment he gets out of playing with different things such as, water, sand, different toys and different materials. The stander can easily be moved around the classroom so he is able to engage in PE activities and dance and movement. Unfortunately he can only use his stander in school as there is not enough floor space at home, but he is still using it every day he is at school.

Conclusion: Dayton tolerates the stander well, and is very happy to stand regularly for approximately an hour at a time; he now tends to stand most school days. Although it hasn’t stopped it completely, the stander has significantly decreased the likelihood of his sensory seeking behaviour of rocking back and forth. The prone stander allows for good leg and hip alignment and the best position of the knees which means that his contractures and range of movement have not continued to deteriorate. He is being monitored carefully for his knee contractures, range of movement in his ankles and any deterioration in his hips, thus far though, no risks have been identified. Dayton continues to benefit from The Prone Stander and is a very happy and healthy boy.