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Jenx Penguin Upright Stander

Upright positioning for younger children with moderate ability

Assisted upright standing is a way for children with moderate ability to experience standing and to improve muscle strength.

Capacity to adjust postural accessories easily to offer safe and accurate support to younger children gives the opportunity for true upright standing. Like the Jenx Kangaroo it has adjustment in three key areas of the chest, pelvis and knees to ensure that the support it gives encourages an efficient standing position.

Designed to offer excellent support for children in upright standing, and the range of support and adjustment options available means the Jenx Penguin is a product suitable for children aged between 18 months and 4 years.


  • Jenx Activity Frame

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    Jenx Activity Frame

    The activity frame encourages head control and hand to eye coordination. It is easy to attach and adjust with two clips for attaching toys or other items. This can be used with the Junior, Junior+, Multiseat, Bee, Atom, Monkey, Penguin, Kangaroo, and Corner Seat and Nursery Table.

    Please note, this can only be used in conjunction with the tray.

  • Jenx Grab Bar

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    Jenx Grab Bar

    Perfect for children who need to fix one hand to increase functionality. Easy to attach and adjust

    Please note, this can only be used in conjunction with the tray.

    For use with the Jenx Bee, Jenx Atom, Jenx Junior, Jenx Penguin, Jenx Kangaroo and Jenx Junior+ indoor seating systems.

  • Jenx Sandals

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    Jenx Sandals

    Available in 4 different sizes to accommodate and size of foot, even when wearing splints, Jenx sandals are interchangeable across the entire range of Jenx seating and standing products. 

    • Straps open from the back facilitating easy stand transfers into prone standing.
    • Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.
    • Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
    • The new quick touch Velcro straps are faster, quieter and hold better than ever before.

    5356-6081-000, 5356-6082-000, 5356-6083-000, 5356-6084-000
  • Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

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    Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

    Available for every size of Jenx sandals the raising block kits* give the sandals that extra bit of height where needed! Use 1 set to accommodate for leg length discrepancy or use 2 sets to raise the height of the footplate on any product to maximise the available growth.
    Measurements (mm/inches):

    Number of risers Height
    1 0.7" (18 mm)
    2 1.3" (33 mm)
    3 2" (51 mm)
    4 4" (69 mm)

    *NB. One kit needed per individual sandal.

    Size Code
    Size 1 5356-6091-000
    Size 2 5356-6092-000
    Size 3 5356-6093-000


    Size 1: 5356-6091-000, Size 2: 5356-6092-000, Size 3: 5356-6093-000


Age Group: 
Code 5040-0010-000
Age Range 18 months - 4 years
User Weight 25kg
Chest Height 600 - 800mm
Chest Pad Width 145 - 245mm
Hip Pad Width 145º - 245º
Tray 530 - 375mm
Base Footprint 500 - 620mm