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Neat Zeat

Family time, Feeding and Play... Neat Zeat is a modular solution for activity, feeding and learning opportunities.

The Neat Zeat offers a modular indoor seating solution for activity, feeding and learning opportunities. Constructed of durable hardwood with a lacquer finish, the Neat Zeat looks great in any home or school environment.

Height adjustment grooves on the frame provide a huge growth range that can be easily adjusted with an Allen key. 3 packages are available, with the addition of further accessories to script according to individual requirements.

Neat Zeat is previously known as the Zeat Seat.


  • Neat Zeat Abductor Pommel

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    Neat Zeat Abductor Pommel

    Quick release. 

  • Neat Zeat Adjustable Head Support

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    Neat Zeat Adjustable Head Support

  • Neat Zeat Chest Strap

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    Neat Zeat Chest Strap

    With Velcro closure.

  • Neat Zeat High Backrest Upgrade

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    Neat Zeat High Backrest Upgrade

    Complete with padding. 

  • Neat Zeat Hip Belt

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    Neat Zeat Hip Belt

  • Neat Zeat Foot-Fast Ankle Stabilisers

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    Neat Zeat Foot-Fast Ankle Stabilisers

    Small, supplied as a pair. 

  • Neat Zeat Armrests

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    Neat Zeat Armrests

    Pair off. 

  • Neat Zeat Mobile Base

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    Neat Zeat Mobile Base

    Complete with Locking Castors.


  • Neat Zeat Tray Table

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    Neat Zeat Tray Table

    For Activity, Feeding and Learning Opportunities.

  • Neat Zeat Transfer Step

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    Neat Zeat Transfer Step

  • Neat Zeat Heel Bar

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    Neat Zeat Heel Bar

    Assembly attaches to footplate.

  • Neat Zeat Foot Straps

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    Neat Zeat Foot Straps

    Velcro attached - Pair

  • Neat Zeat Shoulder Protractors

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    Neat Zeat Shoulder Protractors

    Pair of shoulder protractors for the Neat Zeat. 

    Not for use in conjunction with lateral trunk supports, however chest strap can be used. 



Age Group: 
Seat Width 40 cm
Seat Depth In Kindy position: 9 cm - 31 cm
In Standard position: 18 cm - 36 cm
* For extra 9 cm depth, reverse the backrest bracket
Seat Height from Floor 40 - 68 cm
Seat Angle 0, 5, 20 degrees
Backrest Height Standard: 28 - 40 cm
High: 40 - 50 cm
Backrest Angle 65 - 115 degrees
Footplate Height Range 8 - 56 cm
Footplate Angle 0, 5, 20 degrees
Transfer Step Height 11 cm
Lateral Width Standard: 15 - 30 cm
Winged: 20 - 30 cm
Lateral Size Standard: 10 cm H x 10 cm D
Winged: 20 cm H x 10 cm D
Tray Size 50 cm W x 50 cm D
Tray Aperture 30 cm W x 11 cm D
Tray Height from Floor 66 - 70 cm (+11 cm with mobile base)
Overall Height 73 cm
Overall Width 45 cm
Overall Depth 78 cm
Mobile Base Size 55 W x 90 L x 11 H
Weight Limit 75 kg (165 lb)



2 years on the frame, 12 months on the upholstery


The Zeat works brilliantly!

It is really robust for my client who has very high extensor tone from a head injury, and holds the child perfectly.

We want this child to sit independently in the future, so we can easily remove the corner back to train him to sit. The parents are really happy with it.

Thank you very much.