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Jenx Multiseat

Practical, comfortable, contoured and flexible modular seating system

Offering highly flexible supported seating to children from around 8 years right through to adults and upto 100kg, this is just the start of the fantastic amount of versatility provided by the Multiseat.

Contoured seat unit with memory foam insert provides unparalleled comfort and the perfect base for true pelvic stability. The two piece back with independent lumbar support gives support exactly where it’s needed and with both the back and seat units available in two sizes to mix and match as you need, each Multiseat system can be specified to meet the proportions of the child or adult using it.

Wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options allow you to customise every Multiseat to any individual user, with the deliberate open design ensuring you can easily see just how they are positioned each and every time. 


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  • Jenx Sandals

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    Jenx Sandals

    Available in 4 different sizes to accommodate and size of foot, even when wearing splints, Jenx sandals are interchangeable across the entire range of Jenx seating and standing products. 

    • Straps open from the back facilitating easy stand transfers into prone standing.
    • Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.
    • Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
    • The new quick touch Velcro straps are faster, quieter and hold better than ever before.

    5356-6081-000, 5356-6082-000, 5356-6083-000, 5356-6084-000
  • Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

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    Jenx Sandal Raising Blocks

    Available for every size of Jenx sandals the raising block kits* give the sandals that extra bit of height where needed! Use 1 set to accommodate for leg length discrepancy or use 2 sets to raise the height of the footplate on any product to maximise the available growth.
    Measurements (mm/inches):

    Number of risers Height
    1 0.7" (18 mm)
    2 1.3" (33 mm)
    3 2" (51 mm)
    4 4" (69 mm)

    *NB. One kit needed per individual sandal.

    Size Code
    Size 1 5356-6091-000
    Size 2 5356-6092-000
    Size 3 5356-6093-000


    Size 1: 5356-6091-000, Size 2: 5356-6092-000, Size 3: 5356-6093-000
  • Jenx Multigrip Head Support

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    Jenx Multigrip Head Support

    The Jenx Multigrip headrest is available in three sizes for a number of Jenx seating and standing systems. All have a choice of various highly flexible fixing brackets dependent on the product it is used with, all of which give adjustment for height, depth, and angle.

    Size Pad Dimension Junior Systems, Multiseat, Multistander, Standz Supine Stander Bee Atom
    1 Link

    330mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    75mm (h)

    5356-4601-000 5350-4601-000 3430-4601-000


    2 Link

    475mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    120mm (h)

    5356-4602-000 5350-4602-000 3430-4602-000


    3 Link

    620mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    120mm (h)

    5356-4603-000 5350-4603-000 3430-4603-000



    Junior 1 Link: 5356-4601-000, Junior 2 Link: 5356-4602-000, Junior 3 Link: 5356-4603-000, Supine 1 Link: 5350-4601-000, Supine 2 Link: 5350-4602-000, Supine 3 Link: 5350-4603-000, Bee 1 Link: 3430-4601-000, Bee 2 Link: 3430-4602-000, Bee 3 Link: 3430-4603-000, Atom 1 Link: 3431-4601-000, Atom 2 Link: 3431-4602-000, Atom 3 Link: 3431-4603-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Waistcoat Harness

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Waistcoat Harness

    Attach, detatch and flip away in seconds with a single hand. Additional positioning support to childno tools required.

    Size Code
    Size 1 3615-6701-000
    Size 2 3615-6702-000
    Size 3 3615-6703-000


    3615-6701-000, 3615-6702-000, 3615-6703-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Oval Headrest

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Oval Headrest

    A simple headrest for children who require minimal head support.

    Size Code


    1 (Strap) 3610-3221-000
    2 (Strap) 3610-3222-000


    3160-3151-000, 3610-3221-000, 3610-3222-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Shoulder Protractors

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Shoulder Protractors

    The Shoulder Protractors slot into place underneath the headrest. Cushioned fingers provide flexible support encouraging children to bring their arms into midline.

    Product Code
    Shoulder protractors 3610-2751-000


  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Slim Thoracic Support Pads

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Slim Thoracic Support Pads

    Flexible PU pads act as a wrap around support with adjustable chest strap. There is a single handed squeeze button flip-away action on all supports for easy transfers. Independently adjustable for height and width. Can be offset to brace a scoliosis or accommodate other skeletal deformities.

    Size Measurement Code
    Short 12.5cm x 7.5 cm 3610-3151-000
    1 (Strap) 16.5cm x 7.5 cm 3610-3221-000
    2 (strap) 22cm x 11cm 3610-3222-000


    3610-3151-000, 3610-3221-000, 3610-3222-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Infill

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Infill

    The Jenx tray infill is designed to allow attachment suction toys, anchors, or grab bars.

    Size Code
    Size 1 3610-7180-000
    Size 2 3610-7182-000


    Size 1: 3610-7180-000, Size 2: 3610-7182-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Elbow Blocks

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Tray Elbow Blocks

    Used to encourage arms into a midline position or to block excessive retraction.

    Product Code
    Tray Elbow Blocks 3615-7350-000


  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Armrests

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Armrests

    The arm rests are independently adjustable for height and angle. Clear markings on the armrests make them easy to set to the correct height. Padded armrest covers are available. Arm rest mounting brackets are required for attaching them to the Multiseat.

    Product Code
    Armrests 3610-5601-000


  • Jenx Activity Frame

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    Jenx Activity Frame

    The activity frame encourages head control and hand to eye coordination. It is easy to attach and adjust with two clips for attaching toys or other items. This can be used with the Junior, Junior+, Multiseat, Bee, Atom, Monkey, Penguin, Kangaroo, and Corner Seat and Nursery Table.

    Please note, this can only be used in conjunction with the tray.

  • Jenx Medial Thigh Support

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    Jenx Medial Thigh Support

    Medial Knee Support to fit the Junior, Junior+, Multiseat, Bee, and Atom.

    It is available in three sizes providing different levels of abducted seating. Size 0 is shown on the left, and size 1 & 2 is shown on the right.

    Size Measurement Code
    Size 0 14cm high x 8.5 cm wide x 6cm (tapered) 3615-1650-000
    Size 1 14cm high x 17.5 cm long x 9.5cm wide 3615-1651-000
    Size 2 16cm high x 19cm long x 10 cm wide 3615-1652-000


    Size 0: 3615-1650-000, Size 1: 3615-1651-000, Size 2: 3615-1652-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Leg Control Pads

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Leg Control Pads

    The Jenx unique leg control pads allows control of leg position independently of pelvic position. You can create abduction or adduction or control windsweeping. The pads can be flipped completely out of the way to facilitate smooth and easy transfers. Sold in pairs and need to be attached and used with leg control brackets. 

    Size Code
    Size 1 3610-1861-000
    Size 4 3614-1864-000
    Size 4 Brackets 3610-1854-000
    Size 5 3614-1865-000


    3610-1861-000, 3614-1864-000, 3610-1854-000, 3614-1865-000
  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Back Post Extension

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Back Post Extension

    The five port Back Extension Post gives extra height to the Back Pad for those who require it.

    Product Code
    Back Post Extension 3610-2480-000


  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Adjustable Ischial bar

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Adjustable Ischial bar

    Highly effective positioning aid for children with a strong tendency to sacral sit. Position the ischial bar beneath the memory foam pad in front of the ischial tuberosities. Recommended to use in conjunction with the 4-point lap strap.

    Product Code
    Adjustable Ischial Bar 3615-0501-000


  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat Box Style Footplate

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat Box Style Footplate

    The box-style footplate is an ideal solution for children whose condition means cannot have their feet fixed. This design provides a level of control along with freedom of movement.

    Product Code
    Box Style Footplate 3614-5262-000


  • Jenx Junior/Multiseat/Bee Footplate Pad

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    Jenx Junior/Multiseat/Bee Footplate Pad

    The Jenx footplate pad attaches to the footplate providing a soft surface for those who have trouble with more structured foot positioning.

    Product Code
    Footplate Pad 3615-5301-000




Age Group: 
  Size 4 Size 5
Code 3614-0014-011 3614-0025-011
Age Range 8-14 years 10- 18+ years
Max User Weight 100 kg 100 kg
Backrest Height 465-590 mm 525-660 mm
Base Footprint 630 x 830 mm 630 x 830 mm
Hip Width 200-440 mm 200-440 mm
Seat-to-Floor Height 335-570 mm 335-570 mm
Seat Depth 285-450 mm 355-520 mm
Lower Leg Length 250-470 mm 250-470 mm
Tilt-in-Space 10-30º 10-30º

For smaller sizes of the Multiseat, visit the Junior Seat page


24 months from date of purchase.