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  • Carrot 3000 Car Seat
    Carrot 3000 Car Seat
  • Small or Large Tee-Pad/Headrest options
    Small or Large Tee-Pad/Headrest options
  • Carrot 3000 - huge growth range
    Huge growth range to suit infants to older children
  • Carrot Supportive chest pad
    Supportive chest pad holds the body securely
  • Top tether strap for additional security
  • Carrot car seat Shoulder Protector Wings
    Shoulder Protector Wings protect from side impacts and forces
  • Rear view of Carrot Car Seat

Carrot 3000 Car Seat

Designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability

The Complete Vehicle Safety System

Medifab is pleased to provide the most comprehensive special needs booster system we’ve ever introduced for children and teenagers, providing various kinds of extension accessories and multi-adjustable features to allow longer use during the child’s life and to suit the wide spectrum of children’s needs. 

The Carrot 3000 is one of the safest child seats in the world, catering for safety and the importance of keeping the child in a safe and supported posture for travel and was was designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability.

Huge growth to suit infants to older children 

Carrot 3000 has a wider growth-adjusting range than the Carrot 2000 which extends the range of users from infants to older children, just by adding optionally, provided extension accessories. Angle and depth adjustable seat and backrest, various kinds of cushions and pads make precise and delicate fitting possible.


The Carrot 3000's 'body contouring' design holds the child in a centred and secure position to ensure optimum support and safety during transport. Ergonomic head support provides added positioning and security. 

Side-Impact Protection

The body holding capability against side-impact and centrifugal forces has been dramatically improved by the ergonomic wrap-shape Head-Support and extendable Shoulder Protector Wings. Shock absorbing F1-comfort pads on the shoulder straps add superior support and comfort.

Shoulder Protector Wings

An optional safety device for a child with seating height more than 65 cm, holding the body to protect child from side impacts or centrifugal forces.

ISOFIX Latch and Connector

Carrot 3000 is equipped with ISOFIX Latch Connectors. This is the safest way to secure the Carrot 3000 to your vehicle seat; however the latch installation is only possible if your car is equipped with latch anchors. Consult your car manual and ask your distributor for proper ISOFIX Latch installation.

Reclining function

Carrot 3000 has a free angle reclining function. Namely, it reclines as the car seat angles.


The large anterior chest-support of the Carrot 3000 makes secure holding of user’s torso possible.

Is your child too large for the Carrot 3000? The Carrot XL car seat accommodates larger users whose measurements fall outside the Carrot 3000 Specifications.


  • Carrot Car Seat Swivel Base

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    Carrot Car Seat Swivel Base

    For safe and easy transfers. Includes ISOFix vehicle securing mounts (only suitable for use in vehicles which have ISOFix). 

    Swivel base weight: 10 kg


  • Carrot Car Seat Air Mesh Cushions

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    Carrot Car Seat Air Mesh Cushions

    Air mesh cushion pad set in black. 

  • Carrot Car Seat Pelvis Lock Hip Belt

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    Carrot Car Seat Pelvis Lock Hip Belt

    Small 4116-6531-017
    Medium 4116-6532-027
    Large 4116-6533-027


    Small: 4116-6531-027, Medium: 4116-6532-027, Large: 4116-6533-027
  • Carrot Car Seat Trunk Positioning Pads

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    Carrot Car Seat Trunk Positioning Pads

  • Carrot 3000 Anti-Escape Buckle Upgrade

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    Carrot 3000 Anti-Escape Buckle Upgrade

    Anti-escape buckle upgrade with safety webbing slicer, to prevent accidental removal for those with behavioural issues such as Autism. 

  • Carrot 3000 Removeable Incontinence Cover

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    Carrot 3000 Removeable Incontinence Cover

  • Carrot 3000 Abduction Block

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    Carrot 3000 Abduction Block

  • Carrot 3000 Shoulder Strap Retainer

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    Carrot 3000 Shoulder Strap Retainer

    A thin but strong mesh that keeps the child's arms through the harness and prevents their arms from slipping out between the harness straps.

    Small: 4116-6721-000, Medium: 4116-6722-000, Large: 4116-6723-000
  • Carrot 3000 Adjustable Hip Angle Straps

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    Carrot 3000 Adjustable Hip Angle Straps

    #4116 6012

  • Carrot 3000 Backrest Extension Pads

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    Carrot 3000 Backrest Extension Pads

    50 mm Backrest height extension infill pad: #4116-2481-259, 100 mm Backrest height extension infill pad: #4116-2482-259
  • Carrot 3000 Folding Footplate

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    Carrot 3000 Folding Footplate

    Great option for offering support for client's lower legs spending longer periods of time in their car seat.

    Fold up footplates make it possible for siblings and other passengers to get past car seat.

    Footplates and calf supports are padded and also includes foot & calf straps for added security.

    For seat depth growth adjustment simply add infill spacers.

    Height adjustable from 25-30cm lower leg length - Medifab can offer spacer blocks for shorter lower leg lengths

    Small: #4116-5241-250

    Medium: #4116-5242-250

    Large: #4116-5243-250

    4116-5241-250, 4116-5242-250, 4116-5243-250
  • Carrot 3000 Tether Strap

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    Carrot 3000 Tether Strap

    Top tether strap

  • Carrot Car Seat Waterfall Rodded Seat Extension

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    Carrot Car Seat Waterfall Rodded Seat Extension

    Waterfall style rodded seat extension.

  • Carrot Car Seat 50 mm Rodded Seat Extension

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    Carrot Car Seat 50 mm Rodded Seat Extension

    50 mm rodded seat front extension for 90° knee flexion.

  • Carrot Car Seat Seat Extension Pads

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    Carrot Car Seat Seat Extension Pads

    100mm seat depth growth pad can only be used in conjunction with footrest or waterfall extension, as these are the only rodded extensions with long enough rods. 

    50 mm 100 mm
    4116-0285-259 4116-0289-259

    50 mm: 4116-0285-259, 100 mm: 4116-0289-259
  • Carrot Car Seat Shoulder Protector Wings

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    Carrot Car Seat Shoulder Protector Wings

    For children with over 45 cm shoulder height. 

  • Carrot Car Seat Tilt Wedge

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    Carrot Car Seat Tilt Wedge

    For 20° additional tilt to provide increased head control. 

  • Carrot Car Seat Tray Table

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    Carrot Car Seat Tray Table

    Tray table to support the forearms.

    Carrot 3000 Carrot XL
    4116-5534-259 4116-5544-259


    4116-5534-259 , 4116-5544-259
  • Carrot 3000 Pen-Popper Buckle

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    Carrot 3000 Pen-Popper Buckle

    Pen/Key release buckle upgrade with safety webbing slicer and retractable 'pen' device for buckle release.

  • Carrot Isofix latch connectors

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    Carrot Isofix latch connectors

    When connected to the car seat’s ISOFIX, please transport your child with the five-point seat belt of the Carrot and with the three-point seat belt of the car. 

  • Carrot Cross Strap

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    Carrot Cross Strap

    Fits to the Carrot to hold the shoulder straps together and prevent them from slipping off. Also assists in behavioural situations. 

    Code Buckle Type
    4604-3004-025 Pen/Key Release Buckle
    4604-3004-026 Anti-Escape Buckle


    4604-3004-025, 4604-3004-026
  • Carrot 3000 Hinge Lock Belt

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    Carrot 3000 Hinge Lock Belt

    A belt that prevents the backrest from hinging on the seat base and locks it for easy carrying.



Age Group: 
User Age Range 3-15 years
User Weight Range 15-36 kg*
Min. Seat Depth 25 cm (or 28 cm)
Max. Seat Depth 40 cm
Seat Width 31 cm
Shoulder Height (without shoulder wing support) 30-52 cm
Shoulder Height (with shoulder wing support) 45-67 cm
Footplate Height Sml: 25-30 cm
Med: 30-40 cm
Lge: 40-50 cm
Weight 8.7 kg
Weight of Swivel Base 10 kg
*15-36 kg is the scope that applies to the European crash test standard ECE R44/04. However; the manufacturer has successfully tested this product with a weight limit from 10-49 kg. If the user weight is outside of the European scope then the prescriber needs to provide Medifab with written assurance that the subject’s clinical needs and physical dimensions validate use of the Carrot 3000.


Settings shown without shoulder protector wings fitted:

Settings shown with shoulder protector wings fitted:

Head and Chest Support Dimensions

The head and chest supports are the only components that change in size between the small and large Carrot 3000 Car Seats.

Size Small Large
Code 4116-0010-259 4116-0000-259
Chest Pad 175 mm wide 230 mm wide

Head Support Wings 182 mm high x 205 mm long 195 mm high x 255 mm long



The Carrot 3000 Car Seat complies to the ECE R44/04 Universal standard.



Q: Is the Carrot Car Seat approved for Airline Travel?

A: No standard exists regarding car seats and airline travel. Please check with your travel agent/airline as to whether they approve the Carrot Car Seat to be taken on the flight. 


Q: Can the Carrot 3 Car Seat be fitted to a Turntable Base?

A: Yes, for vehicles with ISOfix Securing Points only. 


Q: How do I install the Carrot 3 when my car has ISOFIX?

A: For European and later model cars that have ISOFIX, the Carrot can be fitted with ISOFIX mounts if desired. See below images for where ISOFIX mounts are located in a vehicle.


Q: What are the most important measurements when prescribing a Carrot 3000?

A: Shoulder height & Seat Depth of the user. User weight must also be between the minimum 15 kg and maximum 36 kg.


Q: Which Footplate size do I need?

A: Medifab need the user's lower leg length measurement to determine size. Small footplate height is 25-30 cm, Medium footplate height is 30-40 cm, Large footplate height is 40-50 cm


Q: When should a Footplate be used?

A: When the user:

Travels on long journeys

Tends to kick the seat (it has integral Velcro® straps)

For enhanced pelvic stability

Also to protect the seat upholstery


Q: What do I do if the footplates are loose?

A: Ensure the adjustment nut is tight or alternatively Medifab can screw a plate between to join the footplates.


Q: When should the Shoulder Growth Wings be used?

A: When shoulder height is greater than 45 cm and where more shoulder support/protection is required.


Q: How do I install the Shoulder Growth Wings?

A: To install, you require 1 x Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew screws and remove the headrest, add the wings, reinstall the headrest and then tighten screws.


Q: The child is growing out of their Carrot-3 car seat, what accessories should I add first?

A: The backrest infill pads should be added under the backrest unless the client shoulder height in sitting is more than 45cm. The Growth Wings are then the correct accessory to add to obtain correct shoulder strap height. Seat Depth inserts can be added for the correct seat depth length. These come in two versions; rodded or clip-on depending on whether you have a footplate installed. See user manual.


Q: The front chest pad or headrest seems too big?

A: Medifab now have smaller headrests and chest pads. Also (only if necessary, as this can compromise safety for some users) you can remove the chest pad altogether and only use the straps and buckle. Please do this as follows:

  • Remove the chest pad via the screws in the buckle.
  • Shorten the strap distance so that the buckle sits down in the pelvis region, as low as possible.
  • If in doubt please send Medifab a photograph of how this looks once the user is in the car seat so that we can approve this for you.


Q: What diagnosis does the Carrot 3000 suit?

A: Carrot 3000 is used for basic travelling needs through to ASD and Cerebral Palsy etc. and up to high support needs. For very high needs (or for enhanced postural support), Medifab recommend the Timy.


Q: How do I adjust the shoulder harness?

A: The red button at the front releases the harness.


Q: How do I adjust the chest pad?

A: The yellow button at the front releases crotch strap and chest pad. Position the chest pad as low as possible to not obstruct the neck.


Q: What should be done if the user escapes from their car seat?

A: Medifab have 3 versions of anti-escape upgrades for escapologists. Please talk to us regarding your specific need. Medifab also have shoulder strap cross-straps to prevent the child pulling the shoulder straps off etc.


Q: How do I adjust seat depth?

A: No tools required. Add seat depth spacer pads. Add waterfall front for younger children. Otherwise the 90 degree front. This is installed/adjusted by use of the release (Orange) at the front of the car seat.


Q: What should be done if the user has poor head control?

A: Add the tilt wedge, as this gives 30 degrees of tilt. Also check that the seat depth is not too long – which can encourage a slumped posture.


Q: The Carrot 3 Car Seat opens up (backrest and base swing apart) when I pull it out of the vehicle?

A: Medifab have 'adjustable hip-angle straps' to solve this situation.


Q: Do I need to use the seat belt?

A: Carrot 3000 must ALWAYS be used with a Lap-Sash 3-point belt. In Australia it must also be properly connected with the tether strap.


Q: What are the 2 black straps at the rear of the Carrot-3’s backrest?

A: The two securing straps are for extra security and can be fastened around the backrest horizontally or vertically. These are not compulsory and are for stability issues only.


Q: I find the covers too hard to wash regularly, is there a solution?

A: Yes! Medifab can provide wipe-down covers for the front chest pad. If required Medifab can also provide wipe-down covers for the entire base and backrest as well.


Q: Is there a swivel base for the Carrot 3 Carseat?

A: Only in special circumstances do we offer this feature. The vehicle must have ISOFIX latching points in the seat and it must not be expected to be taken out of the vehicle on the regular basis. The swivel is very heavy but works well in the right setting. We recommend you trial the Timy car seat in the 1st instance.


Dylan is Autistic and Liked to Escape...

...He liked to escape from his previous car seat during travel, causing extreme safety hazards. His mother had to stop the car up to five times a day to put him back in. 

Now Dylan has a Carrot with the ‘anti-escape buckle’ upgrade, and is unable to undo the harness. His mother now enjoys concentrating on her driving, knowing that Dylan and everyone else are safe. Dylan loves the Carrot car seat too! He no longer tries to escape; he enjoys safe and pleasant journeys.


Feedback from Dylan's Mum:

Dear Medifab

Wow, when I think back to the days I looked like a crazy kidnapper on the motorway, one hand on the steering wheel; other gripping my son’s leg to hold him down in the back seat. Child screaming, mother with a truck up the tow bar of her car, trying to keep calm, telling child leave the door. Not a good look. I think my son had this theory he was allergic to his booster seat because he would be out of it before I pulled out of the driveway. String, cellotape, bribes, nothing kept Dylan safe in his old car seat.

We became very isolated. Great news came our way when we heard about the Carrot car seat – who would have thought a Carrot would fix a child’s problems. Only if I could get Dylan to eat them!

Life now a year later, Dylan is happy to get in the car. No more stress or tears. Dylan is now safe in the car and now with the other equipment provided to us, I now have along with Dylan more emotional freedom.

Thank you
Mother of 2 Autistic children


Carrot Review from Occupational Therapist

Hi Medifab

Thank you - family very appreciative of car seat. Works well and reduces family stress.

Kind regards