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Medifab is dedicated to protecting our environment, ensuring a clean future for our descendants.

You can have confidence in Medifab's management of environmental aspects and impacts associated with manufacture and supply of equipment for people with postural and physical challenges. 

Medifab is also certified to ISO 9001:2015, and you can view details of our certification here


As a caring, corporate citizen, Medifab supports the responsible stewardship of the earth, its inhabitants and resources.

Our products are designed to last, and their manufacture, use and disposal embodies the environmental principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.




Medifab reduces the amount of raw materials used and manufactures according to Lean principles which eliminate waste in the manufacturing processes. Medifab believes in reusability and reissuability. Our products are designed for long life, with most Spex Seating parts being able to be reused for other clients during the product's life cycle. Medifab's purchasing team only select products and components of the highest quality, so that our customers gain many years of use out of their Medifab products. Medifab maximises the use of recycled content. Metals are recycled.


Download Medifab's Sustainability Policy