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  • Jenx Monkey Stander
    Jenx Monkey Stander
  • Jenx Monkey Stander
    Jenx Monkey Stander
  • Jenx Monkey Stander
    Jenx Monkey Stander
  • Jenx Monkey Stander
    Jenx Monkey Stander
  • Jenx Monkey Stander
    Jenx Monkey Stander

Jenx Monkey Prone Stander

Simple, highly adjustable standing system, to provide prone/upright positioning

Specifically designed to appeal to young children and their families, the Jenx Monkey is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees right down to 20 degrees prone – perfect for gradually building tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme.

Capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with flexible leg positioning make the Monkey Prone Stander a great option for almost every child.

The Monkey comes complete with:

  • Chest, hip and leg support boards
  • Adjustable chest, hip and leg positioning pads
  • Chest and hip straps
  • Intergrated angle adjustable tray with bowl
  • Footboard
  • Size 1 sandals
  • 4 lockable, swivel castors


  • Monkey Grab Bar

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    Monkey Grab Bar

    Perfect for children who need to fix one hand to increase functionality.

    • Easy to attach and adjust

    *NB: Can only be attached to Tray.

  • Jenx Sandals

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    Jenx Sandals

    Available in 4 different sizes to accommodate and size of foot, even when wearing splints, Jenx sandals are interchangeable across the entire range of Jenx seating and standing products. 

    • Straps open from the back facilitating easy stand transfers into prone standing.
    • Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.
    • Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
    • The new quick touch Velcro straps are faster, quieter and hold better than ever before.

    5356-6081-000, 5356-6082-000, 5356-6083-000, 5356-6084-000
  • Monkey Activity Frame

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    Monkey Activity Frame

    Great for encouraging head control and hand/eye co-ordination

    • Easy to attach and adjust
    • Comes with two clips for attaching toys or other items

    *NB: Activity Frame can only be attached to Tray

  • Sandal Raising Blocks

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    Sandal Raising Blocks

    Available for every size of Jenx sandals the raising block kits* give the sandals that extra bit of height where needed! Use 1 set to accommodate for leg length discrepancy or use 2 sets to raise the height of the footplate on any product to maximise the available growth.
    Measurements (mm/inches):
    1 Riser = 0.7”
    2 Risers = 1.3”
    3 Risers = 2”
    4 Risers = 2.7”

    *NB. One kit needed per individual sandal.

    Size 1: 5356-6091-000

    Size 2: 5356-6092-000

    Size 3: 5356-6093-000

    5356-6091-000, 5356-6092-000, 5356-6093-000


Age Group: 
Code 5050-0001-000
Age Range 9 mths - 4 years
Angle Range 20-90º
Base Size 880mm - 575mm
Chest Height- footplate to top of chest pad) (min/max)  510mm - 750mm
Chest Pad Width 150mm -235mm
Hip Pad Width 150mm - 235mm
Max User Weight 25 kg
Tray Depth 360 mm
Tray Width 530 mm




Child’s name: Child A

Child’s condition: Hydrocephalus, prematurity resulting in prolonged hospital stay from birth

Product: Jenx Monkey Stander 

Therapist: R Parslow (Physiotherapist)

Background: Child A was born prematurely with complex needs resulting in a prolonged 18 month stay in hospital. Once home child A was on home O², PEG fed and presenting developmental delay. He has moderate head control, some trunk activity, but no independent sitting balance.

Description of product trialled: Child A has been using a Jenx Monkey Stander for one month.

General and Emotional benefits: Child A is able to practice weight bearing and ensure better hip development and bone density. Plus the change of position gives Child A greater access to the world and interaction on that level. As Child A is very small even though nearly 2 years old, sandal raising blocks were needed to ensure the appropriate level of support and a good stand are achieved. The stander has also meant reduced physical support required to be provided by Mum, allowing her to play with Child A on better level, making both mum and Child A much happier.

Conclusion: A smaller size would have been perfect, but overall very happy with the Monkey stander and found it easy to use and adjust.