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  • Standard Launcher
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Launcher Indoor Base

Height-Adjustable Indoor Seating Frame

Provide multiple positions for therapy, feeding & activities.

The Launcher Base has been designed to be used with the Shuttle Seating System and can be raised for table height activities or lowered for floor level activities. Use the tray (optional) for feeding or play.

  • Ultra lightweight & compact.
  • Tilt-in-space seating.
  • Recline adjustment.
  • Growth-adjustable.
  • Wipe-down upholstery.

View full details on the Shuttle system here:


Age Group: 

Standard Launcher

Frame Width 61 cm
Frame Length 73 cm
Frame Height 54 cm
Seat-to-Floor Height 38-68 cm
Weight 9.2 kg
Max load of seat 25 kg

A-Frame Launcher

Seat-to-Floor Height 30-60 cm