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  • Blue Gravity Chair
    Blue Gravity Chair
  • Green Gravity Chair
    Green Gravity Chair
  • Red Gravity Chair
    Red Gravity Chair
  • Wipe Down without Seat Liner
    Wipe Down without Seat Liner
  • Gravity Chair with Mobile Base
    Gravity Chair with Mobile Base
  • Gravity Chair
    Gravity Chair

Gravity Chair

More than just a comfortable seat...

New Gravity Chair Options! Now available with new wipe-clean covers in a neutral light colour with coloured liners - choose from Red, Green or Blue. 

Classic Version: Air breathable fabric on user contact surfaces and rear back panel, with wipe-clean covers in all other areas. 

Wipe-Down Version: Fully wipe-down, including internal contact surfaces where user is seated. 

The Gravity Chair is a very supportive foam positioning system to augment postural control for a wide range of individuals. 

Gravity Chair follows the principle 'Tension and Relaxation' whereby it provides: 

   1. Alternative Seating, and
   2. Serves the therapeutical aim of stable positioning

Client Group:

  • Patients who can only lie down learn to be able to sit in the Gravity Chair 
  • With patients who spasm, the Gravity Chair absorbs the tension. After the  spasm, the chair brings the user back into the original position. 
  • Patients with perception deficit or ADHD get close body contact in the Gravity Chair which raises self-awareness. This helps the user to stay calm. 
  • Palliative care clients
  • The Gravity Chair can create an optimal solution for many occupational therapy requirements.

Wedge Accessory:

  • The position of the head and body can be stabilised through offering tilt (including sideways tilt) for patients such as those with Scoliosis


Note: Gravity mobile base cannot be used in conjunction with the foam tilt wedge. The chair may tip over and injure the user. Please consider a customised rear support. Contact us for more information.


  • Gravity Chair Tray Table

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    Gravity Chair Tray Table

    Available in Small (fits Gravity Chairs size 1 and 2) and Large (fits Gravity Chairs size 3 and 4).

    Small Tray Table: #3780-7101-000, Large Tray Table: #3780-7102-000
  • Gravity Chair Tilt Wedge

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    Gravity Chair Tilt Wedge

    Note: Gravity mobile base cannot be used in conjunction with the foam tilt wedge. The chair may tip over and injure the user. Please consider a customised rear support. Contact us for more information.

    Tilt Wedge Size 1: #3781-0291-000, Tilt Wedge Size 2: #3782-0292-000, Tilt Wedge Size 3: #3783-0293-000, Tilt Wedge Size 4: #3784-0294-000
  • Gravity Chair Mobile Base

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    Gravity Chair Mobile Base

    Complete with Locking Castors.

    Size 1: 3780-8701-000, Size 2: 3780-8702-000, Size 3: 3780-8703-000, Size 4: 3780-8704-000
  • Gravity Chair Incontinence Liner

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    Gravity Chair Incontinence Liner

    Incontinence Liner with double layer of air-mesh / PU material to receive incontinence. 

    Removable and hand-washable. 

    Size 1 3770-0391-700
    Size 2 3770-0392-700
    Size 3 3770-0393-700
    Size 4 3770-0394-700


    3770-0391-700, 3770-0392-700, 3770-0393-700, 3770-0394-700
  • Supportive Headrest Options

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    Supportive Headrest Options

    Standard Lateral headrest is a popular option for users with reduced head control. It offers a greater degree of lateral guidance and the users field of vision is maintained.

    Extended Lateral Headrest has additional support extending down over the shoulders for clients that require that additional support/guidance back to midline.

    Occipital Support Headrest is a alternative popular option for users with reduced head control.

    All supportive headrest options include a tear off leaf on the back of the foam inner which is removable if necessary to reduce the depth of the neck roll.


Age Group: 

Gravity Chair liners are now available in Blue, Red and Green!

Size Small Medium Large X-Large
User Height 90-110 cm 110-130 cm 130-150 cm 150-170 cm
Seat Depth 26 cm 32 cm 40 cm 45 cm
Seat Width at Back 20 cm 23 cm 27 cm 30 cm
Seat Width at Front 27 cm 30.5 cm 37 cm 40 cm
Back Height 60 cm 69 cm 74 cm 80 cm
Total Width of Chair 46 cm 49 cm 57 cm 60 cm
Total Height of Chair 55 cm 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm
Total Depth of Chair 60 cm 71 cm 82.5 cm 91 cm
Weight Limit 50kg 70kg 100kg 130kg
Classic Version, Red Liner 3770-0011-022 3770-0012-022 3770-0013-022 3770-0014-022
Classic Version, Green Liner 3770-0011-055 3770-0012-055 3770-0013-055 3770-0014-055
Classic Version, Blue Liner 3770-0011-066 3770-0012-066 3770-0013-066 3770-0014-066
Wipe-Down Version, Red Liner 3770-0021-022 3770-0022-022 3770-0023-022 3770-0024-022
Wipe-Down Version, Green Liner 3770-0021-055 3770-0022-055 3770-0023-055 3770-0024-055
Wipe-Down Version, Blue Liner 3770-0021-066 3770-0022-066 3770-0023-066 3770-0024-066

Mobile Base Dimensions

Size Width Length
Small 50 cm 52 cm
Medium 52 cm 61 cm
Large 61 cm 74 cm
XLarge 64 cm 80 cm


The Gravity Chair has been tested to the Flammability standards EN 1021 parts1 & 2: Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture. 


What options do I have for funding the Gravity Chair if my child is not eligible for government funding? 

Medifab's listing of alternative funders in New Zealand can be viewed here, and Australian alternative funders viewed here. Some of these organisations may be able to assist you with funding if your child is not eligible for a Gravity Chair via government funding. 


Special chairs work wonders!

At Hamilton North School, it's not unusual for the special-needs students to become agitated, sometimes for the smallest of reasons. 

And thanks to a grant from the Mazda Foundation, teachers have a new tool to counter that agitation, helping children to become focused again. 

Teacher Daina Brown calls them gravity chairs, special sensory chairs made out of contoured layers of foam that give the upset child a squeeze, similar to a hug. 

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Siera's Gravity Chair

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU, to Wilson Home Trust for buying Siera's gravity chair. 

We appreciate it very much. Siera is very comfortable in it & even fell asleep in it today & is now watching tv in it. 

It is very well made, soft yet supportive.  Family & friends have commented on how awesome it is. 

A thank you also to Claire at Mckenzie centre & Hayden at Medifab for helping make this available to us. 

Anything we can do to make her day a little more comforty is well worth it. 

Thank you once again, The Wilson Home Trust, you have given us a great start to the year. 

Siera's Mum



How the Gravity chair makes a difference to Mauri’s life

Mauri has a diagnosis of Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. For some time we have wanted to find a chair that would provide Mauri the support that he needs, while also allowing him to be relaxed and restrained as minimally as possible.

The Gravity Chair has been ideal for this. Due to its design, Mauri is able to be positioned safely in the chair with only a lap belt holding him. Mauri uses his Gravity Chair multiple times every day. He is able to be fed in it, both orally and tube fed.

It is ideal for interactive activities such as reading and games. It is also a comfortable relaxing place for him to watch his Wiggles DVD’s in.

I find the Gravity Chair to be very light and portable, and I really appreciate finding a product that is both simple and functional.

I would recommend the Gravity Chair to any parents and caregivers with children who have a disability.

Mauri’s Mum 


Alex's Gravity Chair

Alex is my very precious 6 year old son who has severe spastic quad/dystonic cerebral palsy. Over the past 6 years we have been inundated with a lot of supportive equipment inorder to meet all of his physical needs.

Medifab’s Gravity Chair is one Alex’s latest pieces of equipment and to be honest I don’t think I can really call it equipment. We call it Alex’s ‘lazy chair’. It meets his physical needs perfectly but with 100% comfort. Allowing him to truly relax and look relaxed!

As a parent, I love not having to strap him down like I have to with so much of his other equipment. In his Gravity Chair he only has one lap belt which I pull his shirt down over it so he looks totally strap-free! For kids that are constantly strapped into equipment, this almost strapless feature is very important!

Alex spends a lot of his afternoons and evenings in his Gravity chair watching his DVD or having books read to him. He gets extremely tired with his morning schooling and therapy so he spends his afternoon relaxing.

Alex got his Gravity Chair is an alternative for him wriggling about on the floor. Alex relaxes in a very bad posture when he is left to freely move on the floor so sitting up is just like cruising on the couch in a physio-friendly way!

We have found him to have far less pressure spots in his Gravity chair than in any other equipment to which has been a big bonus. It has also been good during those long nights when he is unwell. He can be reclined to keep his airways safe whilst he sleeps on and off in comfort.

Another huge benefit we have found with the Gravity Chair is that friends and family can get nice and close to him when they visit without bulky hard chair parts getting in the way. It might not sound important but when your disabled child gets too big to sit safely on your knee, having hard metal between you and your child isn’t so nice. Lovely soft chair arms make it very easy to snuggle up!!

If you are looking for a chair for your child that promotes excellent posture and structural support and that also meets their need to relax and not be stuck down by strapping, then I highly recommend the gravity chair. My only regret is not getting one sooner!

Alex’s Mum


Teagan's Gravity Chair

The Gravity Chair has made a tremendous difference in improving the quality of life of our handicapped daughter, Teagan. It is by far the most comfortable chair she owns; it’s like a big, soft hug around her. Not only is she relaxed and happy in the chair, it is low to the ground, allowing her to interact and play with her younger brother. We credit the Gravity Chair with the fact that her brother now walks up to her, strokes her hair, and kisses her on her cheek. That is priceless.

Teagan's Mum

The Gravity Chair has made such a positive impact in Teagan and her Family’s life! As a Physical Therapist, one of our main goals is to achieve optimal positioning, with the use of equipment, for the health of many body systems including respiratory, neurologic, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, renal, immune and digestive systems. The Gravity Chair easily assures we are addressing these medical needs for Teagan. The Gravity Chair allows Teagan to be in a comfortable, upright and supportive position which not only helps her medically and physically, she is able to participate socially with her one year old brother, Simon, as well as have more access to her toys, people and sensory experiences to advance her cognitive and communication skills. The chair itself is designed to give head, lateral and pelvic support without the addition of bulky, obtrusive trunk laterals, chest harness, pelvic straps, etc.. as Amanda expressed "it’s like a big, soft hug around her". It is also so nice to have only one safety belt for ease of transfers, a mobile base and incline when needed.

I really appreciate all that you have done for Teagan and her Family! Without sharing Teagan's specific medical needs in the testimony, the Gravity Chair has been a "life saver" for her.

Teagan's Physical Therapist