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The ATSA events this year were outstanding! Medifab exhibited at both the Melbourne and Perth events, with great stands, amazing product, and most importantly, an enthusiastic and passionate team. See a snapshot of the action in both Melbourne and Perth in the videos below.


ATSA Melbourne


ATSA Perth


We thoroughly enjoyed both events, meeting and talking to people, and finding real solutions through a large range of cutting-edge technology, great service, and our vast knowledge of the industry and market.


"Everything about Medifab is comfortable - our service, our friendliness, the people we have..."

- Graham Mascull, Global Sales Manager at Medifab


It was great to meet with our dealers in the area, and was an excellent opportunity to discuss possible solutions for their clients, receive feedback on both our product and service, or simply just to talk, laugh, and strengthen the firm relationship we pride ourselves in maintaining. But not only did we enjoy meeting our dealers, we also met with the therapists, parents, and users of our innovative technology. Seeing clients who use our product and have benefited from our service is one of the most rewarding things about working in this industry.


"It is a fantastic opportunity to find out what Medifab's about, what we're offering, and of course, all the new innovations and ideas that are going to come out of this show!... But the real reason is to help Shape Better Lives; we're here for those people that need us; we're here for those young children; we're here for those parents; we're here for those communities that need Medifab's technology!"

- Bruce Mascull, Business Development Manager at Medifab


The ATSA Expos, displaying such a wide range of products and services, are events that benefit all sectors of the community. With over 100 different exhibitors at both events, hundreds walked through the doors ranging from those who use, to those who manufacture or supply assistive technology. 


Graham Mascull from Medifab (Right) with Paul Everett from Jenx (Left). Paul came all the way from England to accompany us on the Medifab stand at Melbourne.


"With the roll-out of the NDIA, people have been much more empowered to make those sorts of decisions... and what you'll see here is a much broader range of products and equipment, so when an end-user comes in, they're almost overwhelmed with the amount of information, and the amount of product, and the amount of service that's here!"

- Simon Cooper, Manager at Interpoint Events and organiser of ATSA Expo


Joana Santiago, clinical educator at Medifab, during her presentation on 24hr Postural Management in Perth.