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Spex Forum 2011 ACT/NSW is now complete, with many positive stories received from those who attended. Post your own thoughts about your Spex Forum experience here, and read below to hear about other experiences from the Forum attendees. 

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Kylee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Good range of information and relevant content for OT practice. Valuable exercise to trial backrest. 


Sydney attendee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn more about Spex and its different options available, especially the hands on time. I really appreciate having a senior therapist, Tracee-Lee, presenting her knowledge and expertise especially her experience with seating and with using the Spex system.


Sydney attendee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Loved having the opportunity to see how Spex seating system can be used practically for our clients. And to be able to hear how it has worked from an experienced OT!


Sydney attendee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Great interactive and easy to understand workshop


Sydney attendee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Fantastic product with great flexibility and adjustment to meet changing needs of clients. 


Sydney attendee said on Thurs, 2011-11-17:

Looking forward to exploring product with more complex clients. 


Ashleigh said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Very interesting. I now feel much more comfortable to use Spex and predict it will meet a lot of my clients' needs.


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Great presentation overall, very informative, product is variable and a great tool to have as a therapist.


Sally said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Very interesting forum that provided a lot of educational material about Spex and product range.


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Very informative. Practical component also very useful. Thank you!


Eileen said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Very worthwhile attending the forum.


Irene said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

An exciting alternative to fixed customised/moulded seating! I'm trying next week!


Katrina said on Wed, 2011-11-16: 

The Spex range seems to offer an adjustable, adaptable and customisable option on an off-the-shelf product. It offers a cost effective seating option as it can be adjusted as the client's needs change. 


Kathleen said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

The Spex seating system seems to be the most adaptable for the largest variety of clients. 

Lisa said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Very informative. Particularly liked the presentation by Tracey Lee (Northcott).


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

This presentation was relevant to my client base, very informative. 


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Interesting seminar. "Hands on" trial to adjust backrest was great - fabulous ideas. Case studies also helpful.


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Great adjustability, and can be added to other non-Spex pieces of equipment. 


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Definitely worth trialling. Feel more confident in using customisable equipment that can be adjusted as clients' needs change with minimal effort and time. 


Campbelltown attendee said on Wed, 2011-11-16:

Thank you for providing information on this product. I look forward to seeing some of our more complex clients seated comfortably in Spex. 

Bronwyn said on Tues, 2011-11-15:

Great hands-on afternoon.


Lauren said on Tues, 2011-11-15:

Seems a great product especially for postural correction and comfort. 


Emma said on Tues, 2011-11-15:

Presenter very knowledgeable of products - Able to show use with clients. Good to see real stories.


Michelle said on Tues, 2011-11-15:

Enjoyed Tracy-Lee talk from the clinician's point of view.


Canberra Attendee said on Tues, 2011-11-15:

Thank you very much for an interesting and informative presentation.