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Thanks for attending Medifab's Sleep Workshops with Andrew Wilson from Symmetrisleep, UK!

Below are links to download the resources discussed at the workshops:

Resources for Families being introduced to Sleep Systems

Symmetrisleep System

Symmslyde Turning & Positioning

Symmetrisleep FAQ's


Symmetrisleep Case Studies

Case Study, Miss S, Symmetrisleep (2011)

Case Study, Mr M, Symmetrisleep (2007)


Symmetrisleep Trials

Symmetrisleep Trial; Rocky Bay, Canada

Symmetrisleep Trial; Derby, UK (2012)


Symmetrisleep Research Studies/Reports

Aburton and Brown: Pilot research study into the effects of Sleep Systems on quality of sleep, pain and joint range

Brightwater Care Group - Full study report

Brightwater Abstract

Brightwater Appendices

Paratonia Correction Research Study


Symmetrisleep Technical

Symmetrisleep Mapping Results (2011)

Pressure Mapping Results (2012)



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