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Save the date!

Clinical and Positioning Workshop facilitated by 3 of NSW’s leading educators. An introduction to the concepts of 24 hour Postural Management, risk identification, evidence and knowledge to guide current practice, and hands on practical resources to support realistic goal setting. Are you supporting the assessment and trial of equipment for individuals with complex postural and mobility needs? How would a 24 hour postural approach benefit your clients? How do we assess for 24 hour management, and what equipment solutions are available? This workshop is an introduction into the concepts, assessment and equipment. Interactive sessions with opportunities for discussion and hands experiences have been integrated into the day.

Overall workshop objectives

  • Introduction to the concepts, evidence and research of 24 hour Postural Management
  • Identification and understanding of individual’s positioning needs in a 24 hour time period
  • Describe differences between safe and destructive postures
  • Prescription of lying positioning equipment from low tech to moulded solutions
  • Creating and implementing a standing program

Workshop Details

Date: Thursday 1st March 2018
Time: 9am - 3pm
Venue: Canberra (Weston Creek Raiders Club TBC)
Light lunch will be provided


Joana Santiago
Clinical Consultant, Medifab

Tracee-lee Maginnity
Clinical Consultant, Astris Lifecare

Amy Bjornson
Clinical Consultant, Sunrise Medical