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The below article was featured in the Ashburton Guardian Newspaper on September 9th 2011.

Trey Maxwell and his family initially contacted the Medifab team a couple of years ago when they were still living in Christchurch, prior to the earthquake of February 22nd.

The Situation: Ensure that Trey was kept safe and secure in his car seat, so that he couldn't escape. 

Solution Provided: Medifab's Carrot Car Seat! This was combined with an Anti-Escape Buckle and Harness Cross Strap. 

After the Christchurch earthquake, the Maxwell family moved to Ashburton, where the Medifab team suggested application for community funding to ensure that Hayley was also kept safe and secure in a suitable car seat when travelling. 

Thanks to the Ashburton Benevolent Trust, now the Maxwell family are able to travel in safety, with both Trey and Hayley securely in their Carrot Car Seats!