New Medifab Staff Members! Meet Tahlia and Joel...

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This year we excitedly welcome several new staff members to our teams both in Australia and in New Zealand. Below is a little insight given by two of our new staff members.

Hello, my name is Tahlia Searle...

I have recently joined the Medifab team in Rolleston.
As customer support coordinator here at Medifab, I am now part of the enthusiastic, caring customer support team you may already be familiar with – Penny, Alexandra, and Phoebe.
I was originally from Australia, and relocated to New Zealand with my family when I was young. I really enjoy spending time in the outdoors on my weekends, whether it’s the mountains or the sea… and having good times with friends and family is always a necessity. Another of my hobbies that I really enjoy is photography - ‘capturing precious moments that are gone forever and impossible to repeat.’
I really enjoy working with the enthusiastic team here at Medifab, helping shape better lives for those of this world who are less fortunate than us. I see this as one way we can help make the world a better place!
I look forward to speaking with you soon! I can be reached on 0800 543 343 or


Hello, my name is Joel Harris…

I am excited to be included in Medifab team in Australia! I commenced work in late November and am part of the Sales and Marketing team. Along with processing orders and customer support, I help with website development, mailouts, graphic design, social media, and video production. Through my work, I hope to enable Medifab to engage more with clients and customers from a marketing perspective, helping to deliver our life changing products.

I am passionate about my job as I have always enjoyed the creative side to marketing, and the chance to create vivid and captivating graphics and videos. One of my favourite pastimes is music, and I enjoy my part in a band as a guitarist and singer. I also love spending time with my family – particularly my nieces and nephews.

I look forward to working with you in the future! I can be contacted on 1300 543 343 or by email at