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Medifab is now offering the world-renowned Jenx range of postural support products for children to its wide customer base in New Zealand and Australia. “We are delighted to have been awarded the Australasian distributorship by this leading and highly respected UK manufacturer which is particularly well known for its standing frames and indoor seating products,” says Medifab sales manager, Graham Mascull.


Ease of use is a key benefit of the Jenx products, along with quality and strength, he says. “Families lead busy lives, and want to work with good quality, robust equipment, that is easy to manage. Jenx products definitely fit the bill.”


He says Medifab has been interested in securing the Jenx distributorship for the last four years, with the brand’s high quality products proving a great fit alongside Medifab’s already impressive product range, which have been ‘Shaping better lives’ for people with physical challenges and disabilities for more than 25 years. “Jenx is a very mature agency, which is world renowned. We really believe in the brand and are pleased to have the opportunity to make it shine through our extensive dealer networks.”


Clive Jenkins, Managing Director of Jenx says, “We are delighted to welcome Medifab as our distributor partner for Australasia. For over 33 years Jenx has been producing innovative postural support equipment to help children with special needs to live happy and fulfilling lives and we are extremely excited to now be bringing our products to this market through Medifab.”


“Jenx aim to deliver the best products and services we can in terms of innovation, quality and thoughtfulness and it is this approach that makes a real difference to people’s lives. Every Jenx product is the outcome of a thorough design process and we continuously strive to improve our products by increasing our knowledge through research and by working with those people who matter most.”


Like Medifab, Jenx is a family-run company with a passion for the development of innovative postural support products, which enable people with special postural needs to live happy and fulfilling lives. Graham visited the Jenx factory in Sheffield, England during 2015, where just over 80 staff manufactures its ranges of seating, standing, sleeping, and therapy products.


“It was great to see the passion the Jenx team has for its products. They take quality and safety extremely seriously and are continually innovating in order to enhance and improve families’ lives.” During his visit Graham fulfilled a long-held wish to see one of Jenx’s famous Monkey Prone Standers being hand-painted in the factory. He says Medifab is excited to work alongside the Jenx team, which has a dedicated sales division in the UK called Jiraffe that was introduced in 2014.


Medifab took over the Jenx distributorship on 1 August, and has shipments of demonstration products on the way to both New Zealand and Australia, which should land in the first week of December. “We are excited to get these products out to the market and up on a pedestal where they belong. We’re putting our heart and soul into the brand, as we know so many families will benefit from these functional and robust products. They simply last and last.”


The Jenx range includes Seating (Bee and Multiseat) and Standing (Multistander, Monkey and Supine Stander), with Sleeping and Therapy products to come in 2016.


Contact Medifab to book a Jenx in-service, to ensure your team is among the first to see Jenx products once they arrive. In-services are booking fast!