Giving those with Access Needs, an Entry into the Mainstream Market

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Meet Grace Stratton, a user of Spex Wheelchair Seating and a passionate advocate for those with access needs. Medifab has provided Grace with assistive technology and wheelchair seating ever since she was a child.

Being extremely passionate to help those with access needs just like herself, Grace is currently working on a research project that will bring together her “three favourite things: accessibility, fashion, and tech”. As part of this project she needs input and opinions from people like her with access needs, and so has created a survey to capture this data (see below). Maybe you can help out!


See what Grace has to say...


I’m an 18 year old wheelchair user and I want to develop inclusive, adaptable technology - that gives people with access needs, entry into the mainstream market. 

The intention of this survey, is to conduct research into the way technology and the fashion industry is currently serving people with access needs; we will use this research as a blueprint to help us find our way forward, towards a more accessible fashion industry and supporting technology. 

We define access needs, in this context, as anything which might make it harder for you to go about web surfing, online shopping in the way it is currently designed and/or anything which means that you may have extra variables to consider when purchasing or wearing garments. 

The survey will ask you about your experiences shopping online, your experiences as a consumer with an access need - and your preferences for fashion and technology. It takes around 7-8 minutes to fill out. 

It would be so helpful to our research if you’d take the time to fill it out - and it’ll also be helpful to you in the long run, as you’ll benefit from what is created.