About Us


Medifab designs, sources and supplies a range of equipment to assist people of all ages with Medical difficulties. We constantly strive to improve the comfort and well being of all users and we are committed to bringing the best product to our customers.

Our team of experienced problem-solvers are dedicated to find a solution for your challenge. We listen carefully to your needs and make it our prerogative to find a solution for them. We customise and adapt to provide products that work for every customer's individual and personal requirements.

Our focus is on Complex Rehab Technology - CRT.

  • Individually configured manual wheelchair systems
  • Adaptive seating systems
  • Alternative positioning systems
  • Other devices that require evaluation, design & fitting

This video produced by NCART gives a great description about CRT.  See http://www.ncart.us/

Medifab is your stockist of international solutions. We keep right up to date with World-leading technology bringing you professional solutions from our well-experienced team.

We believe that listening, attention to detail, and a 'can-do' approach makes a big difference for all our customers.


Medifab's operations centre has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. You can have confidence that Medifab's Quality Management System ensures we will supply equipment for people with postural and physical challenges, that will consistently meet your requirements. 

To maintain customer confidence in Medifab's effectiveness, Telarc regularly reviews our management system for compliance to standards.

Environmental certification is also important to Medifab, and you can view details about our ISO 14001:2004 certification here